The Sacred Woman Oracle

What it is and what it is not?

The Sacred Woman Oracle is not a conventional Tarot. It is not a predictive deck.
It is a brand new system of feminine art and symbolism destined to explore, awaken and reveal the internal knowledge of the spiritual universe of women.
It is a game.
It is an inspiring tool.
It is a map of feminine archetypes to accompany you in your journey.

How may playing with these cards help you?

Playing with these cards promotes the development of intuition and a more holistic view towards yourself and your emotional processes.
The cards help you understand in what stage of the growth cycle you are in, bringing the light of consciousness to your path. Working with these cards stimulates creativity and potentiates self-esteem.
The deck was conceived as a companion for women in times of deep transformations.
It can also help men who want to connect with the Sacred Feminine within themselves.

Why is it not a predictive deck?

The Oracle is a feminine tool for grounding in the "here and now", as it invites us to live the present moment with plenitude and sovereignty, so we can generate real change in our lives..

It works as a feminine self-knowledge tool which, rather than being predictive, helps us grownd ourselves in the present moment, to empower us and forge our personal transformations; thus steping out of a passive rol, to turn us into Co-Creators of our destiny.

Who can work with these cards?

The Sacred Woman Oracle is aimed for women of all ages that wish to explore their own feminine Universe, awakening their creative energy.
Para trabajar con estas cartas no hace falta ser tarotista, ni tener conocimientos previos.
It is not necessary to be a Tarot reader to work with them, nor is it necessary to possess previous knowledge.
It is also a powerful tool for men who wish to awaken their feminine polarity, and explore in themselves, the archetypes of the Sacred Feminine.

What is its structure?

The Sacred Woman Oracle is made of 78 Arcanes, which are organized in six groups or Pathways, of 13 cards each:
Arcanes of Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Portal Wounds (or Wounded-Portals) and Rainbow Pathways comprise the set.
Each card is marked with written information, which includes the name of the card, a key word, and an affirmative phrase, all of which greatly facilitates readings.

What makes the Sacred Woman Oracle different from every other deck of cards?

A) It is a feminine self-knowledge tool.
B) It is a Menstrual – Lunar deck.
C) It gives a voice to our wounds, so that we can integrate them and transform them in sources of light and knowledge.

The Sacred Woman Oracle addresses three basic topics, which are seldom talked about in the patriarch culture:

The Oracle proposes a creative re-encounter with feminine cyclic nature, as a nourishing source of wisdom, harmony and spirituality.
It approaches specifically the menstrual-lunar cycle, not only from its physical aspect, but from a spiritual level as well. This helps women to connect with their menstruation from a more conscious and healthy standpoint, and it restores its sacred nature to the natural feminine rhythm.

Within the deck, you will also find cards that honor and dignify the initiatory portals that women go through: Menarche (First menstrual bleeding), Ovulation, Flowering (First sexual relationship), Conception, Pregnancy, Labor, Puerperium (Postpartum), Lactation, Menstruation, and Menopause.
These cards help us connect with the profound wisdom that the different moments of feminine sexuality, creativity and fertility carry within them, as much so in the physical realm, as in the spiritual level.
They help us approach the feminine initiatory portals as a cyclic sequence of gynergies, which blossom throughout our lives and give us knowledge, healing, revelation and wisdom.

This deck addresses the matter of women’s wounds, but not in order to perpetuate ourselves in the place of the victim, but, on the contrary, from a perspective of transformation.
The thirteen cards of the Path of the Challenges (the Portal-Wounds), help us cast light upon our wounds, getting to know them with sharp clarity, in order to live through them and turn them into healing and empowering portals.
These three items make the deck a unique and different approach to oracles, one which promotes the awakening of the consciousness of the New Woman, the Complete Woman, Creative, Fulfilled, Sobering, Free and Awake.

What is new about this New Edition?

The new enriched 2015 edition is a Special Multilingual Edition in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French, created to reach the hearts of even more women.
The New Sacred Woman Oracle keeps its essence intact. The 78 Arcanes are presented in circular form, within the elegance that comes with a traditional rectangular form.
This version unifies and integrates the feminine and the masculine, weaving the circle and the rectangle together in consecrated harmony.
The Arcanes vibrate with more color in the new format, intensely activating our blessed path towards the essential discovery of Feminine Mysteries.

Why is it an Enriched Edition?

Apart from being a four-language edition, the depth of its symbolism is enhanced in this new deck.
It comes enriched with additional codes, that complement the presence of each Arcane.
The sacred baggage of the Astrological Language is added to each card. Throughout the 78 Arcanes, you will find the twelve signs of the Zodiac, the 10 planets, as well as several combinations of them.
The power of numbers is also added: apart from being represented in the 1 to 13 sequence of each Pathway, the numbers 1 through 78 appear as symbols, bringing us a broader spectrum of information in regards to the complete sequence of the set.
We also added the Six Pathways card, as a guide map; and the Tree of Life card, which makes reference to the three worlds of each pathway: the deep world, the middle world and the heavenly world.
Plus, there’s a great novelty!! A new card has appeared, the CERO CARD, which precedes all other Arcanes, and it is designed for each woman to complete. The Cero Arcane comes with a blank space, for each user to inhabit with their very own art.
It is the same deck as always, but it has grown.
The 78 Arcanes have opened the doors to the esoteric knowledge of ancient initiatory traditions: Astrology and Numerology.
The Sacred Woman Oracle is a piece of living art and, as such, it is in permanent process of change and transformation.

Who is using it?

Women from different countries are already using it: women from Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, United States, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Israel and Indonesia.
Men who are healing their wounds, re-considering the sacredness of their emotional and receptive aspects, activating their intuition, and their connection with Mother Earth, and with the Sacred Feminine within themselves, are also using it, and increasingly so.

About the Project:

The Sacred Woman Oracle is an independent feminine artistic endeavor.
We sustain this project in an autonomous way, through much love and hard work. You may notice that the price of this deck differs from that of other available sets of cards, which are produced industrially. The reason for this is that our edition is limited and exclusive, and thus, costs are higher than in other cases.
The Sacred Woman Oracle is not a wholesales product; it is an artistic-spiritual object, part of a Limited Edition.
It cannot be found in stores.
We offer it hand to hand, as an artisan would, in a personalized manner.
It is a sacred feminine tool that grows as a web, and is expanded through word of mouth.

How to get your own Sacred Woman Oracle:

To order your Oracle, you can write to us at:
Since it is a limited edition, when you confirm your wish to obtain a set, we will reserve one for you instantly, upon receiving your mail. The reservation is valid for ten days, during which you may make your payment.
We can ship it anywhere in the world.