About me..


Throughout my explorations, I began to integrate many different disciplines such as astrology, tarot, reiki, sacred drumming and percussion, art, mythology… all with the purpose of creating spaces of light and consciousness that help us reconnect with the natural cycles of Life.

The purpose of my work is to facilitate the awakening of creativity, integrating all our different aspects, understanding our internal cycles, and being in harmony with Nature’s cycles.

I believe that wholeness brings Vitality. And Vitality opens creative channels that aid in the process of healing and wellness.


In 1991 I began my study of drumming with Afro-Cuban and Afro-Brazilian percussionists. Through working with my teachers, and through my own personal work, I began to understand the value of oral transmission, and I began to explore the drum as an instrument of healing and one that connects you with Mother Earth and the world of spirit.

I studied with:
In Buenos Aires: Carlos Oliveira ( from Bahía, Brazil)- Ricki Olarte- Pocho Porteño-Miguel Tallo- Ariel Perez( from Cuba) Eliécer Freitas (from Bahía, Brazil)- Don Davison (from California)- Arafan Touré (from Guinea)- Ba Mamour (from Senegal).
In Havana con: Arturo Echemendia
In Bahía, Brazil with: Ubaldo Barú- Sergio Otanazetta- Gaby Guedes.
Angel Magistris: Body Work, Cosmobiorhythms, and Bioenergy.
Jorge Sacco, Humberto Sabatini: Astrology.


In 1997, I began studying with courageous women, who initiated me on the path of feminine spirituality.
With Maritina Ortega I was initiated in the rituals of the Full Moon.
With Mabel Flores I studied the Camino Rojo, Mexican shamanism.
With Silvia Ceres and Norma Panno I studied astrology.
With Adriana Barbato I was initiated into Reiki.
With Sandra Román I was initiated into the pre-Celtic traditions and I learned to honor the Goddess through her Medicine Wheel.
With Myriam Wigutow I learned the sacred mysteries of the menstrual cycle.
With Raquel Levy I began to reconnect with my roots and with the deep wisdom of Kabala.
And with the participants of my workshops, I continue to learn about the beautiful art of being a woman.


I walk along, looking to know myself.
I am a peregrine of the sacred paths of feminine spirituality.
In a wounded world that cries out for the return of Love, I invoke the feminine aspect of the Divine, the Cosmic Mother, Mother Earth, Mother Creator, she who gives birth to the natural rhythms and is the guardian of Life and of the sisterhood/brotherhood of humanity.
I look for Her within and without; so that she may guide me and help me become more loving, solidary, communal, nutritive, generous, creative and cohesive.
I look to act out my prayers and supplications in everyday life, humbly trying to create something concrete that brings more belief, creativity, and consciousness in the name of Peace.
For thousands of years we have been violent and abusive against Life, against our natural resources, against children, women, men, and our elders.
It is only we who have great hearts and great conscience who can began to grow more Love for our planet.
To transform division and fragmentation into unity and integration.
To stop pillaging the planet.
To weave a new web that allows us to see the spark of the divine hidden in all matter.
To be sacred vessels, capable of vibrating in harmony with the cycles of Life.
To pacify.
So that the Divine Presence of the Goddess walks again upon the Earth.