Wounds-Portal Cards

Bound / I sanw No to subjugation

Inquisition / I reclaim the witch that lives in me

Satiation / I know how to say enough!

Rigid ideas / I explore my false beliefs

Renovation / I change my skin

Decision / I break away from asphyxiating situations


Wounds-Portal relates to your fears and oppressive situations. The images speak of crossroads, and difficult moments that we experience in our lives. By living through the pain and hurt, we can draw vital life force energy from deep within ourselves. From that energy seemingly pulled up out of our exhaustion, we regenerate ourselves, and we recreate our lives, progressing on our path.

These cards connect us with our wounds to make them more conscious, to bring them to light, and to change those wounds into portals of growth and transformation. They help us to clearly visualize that which binds us, saddens us, and preys upon our feminine nature. They invite us to travel a challenging road, through which we become more conscious, courageous and strong –-untying our knots, freeing our blockages, and generating our own path to healing. The wounds-portal cards drive us to create limits, to say, “Stop!” to harmful relationships, and to eradicate toxic and contaminating situations from our lives.

Every painful situation brings with it an opportunity to awaken our strength and fortitude.
What was once a wound and suffering transforms into a portal of initiation, and marks the beginning of a new phase in our lives, where we are and we act in a more authentic and genuine manner, better aligned with our Essence.

The Wound-Portal cards depict critical circumstances that at the same time bring about challenges so that we may grow and strengthen our most intimate and authentic identity. They awaken our capacity to be more full and expansive, to heal our feminine wounds, and to recuperate our power.