• For since I can remember, I have felt fascination for oracles, clairvoyance, mediums, subtle presences, premonitions, and for the spiritual world in general. I felt a fascination, but it was outwards, I had yet to assume the intuitive and mediunic transpersonal power that we all possess as humans, and specially, the women of my family. The encounter with my own four-fold ciclicity and my femininity and the everyday magic of my menstrual cycle, which pulsates along with the Moon, the Earth and Life itself, led me, in conjunction with the self-discovery work that I was engaged in through an Authentic Movement practice, to the encounter with this wonderful tool that would bring me closer to my own spiritual capacity and would take me by the hand from that moment on, along a path of personal growth, integration and individuation.

    The encounter with the Sacred Woman Oracle and with its Creator Mother, Mónica Glusman, was as synchronic as the principle that governs oracles itself! I was in search of an image with which to present a workshop I was about to give, and that would illustrate the message that I was preparing to introduce in my country, Puerto Rico, through my work of self-knowledge through body movement (Authentic Movement). That message was the value of Cyclicity and Polarity in our lives, embodied in our own feminine bodies with each menstrual cycle and in all of nature’s cycles and its elements. I brought with me the information I had acquired in “La Rueda Púrpura” workshop, by Master Myriam Wigutov, and I had named it “The Moon and I”. I was thus searching for and image about Lunar Cyclicity to announce it.

    That synchronic day, I clicked on the image that most captured my attention, the one that could best concentrate the idea that I had just discovered about the moon’s cyclicity and our relationship to it: a circular image with a spiral in its center and ALL the phases of the Moon. It had a beautiful indigo background, like the sky at the sunset hour, in which the skylight is at its most bright, as is the moon, by contrast, in each of its phases. It was similar to the trace of that French sky-lover, Vincent Van Gogh, but with the force of the feminine lunar multiplicity.

    I should say that in those days and for some years then, I had been looking for an oracle, a tool, a Tarot (or so I thought), that would guide me through the awakening of my intuition and my natural gifts. That round and complete image, as ideal as it was for representing the work that I was getting ready to convoke to, led me unexpectedly to a whole UNIVERSE of images and to the –long awaited- personal growth tool. It immediately became the sacred vessel, the cornerstone, with which they could assimilate all the information that I had to share, but directly on a psychic, symbolic and archetypal level. These images gave voice to all the possible facets of the quaternity, and more! They connected in a loving, kind and potable way with the possibility of encountering one’s own unconscious wound through the body movement work, and they were the perfect companions in the journey to the depths of each woman, -which could last between 10 to 45 minutes in silence-, plumbing into the provocations and amplifications of the images proposed by Moni’s sacred channelings. All of this, without the need for intermediaries, interventions or interpretations from third parties. It was a direct symbolic dialogue of consciousness, unconscious and archetypes.

    Since that first circle in Puerto Rico, five years of encounters with the Universe of the Sacred Feminine in ourselves and in our body/histories have passed, and not a year goes by that the desire to see this sacred work through doesn’t grow, as does the gratitude for the blessing of loving so much what I do. The changes it enables, the inner doors and the long-postponed dialogues between the different women within us that it opens up are so immense and valuable, that the feeling of gratitude is mutual: to the women for coming, to myself for facilitating, to Moni for channeling the images and teaching us so endearingly, and to the voice of the Goddess in all of us, to the ancestral wisdom that continues existing, despite so much abuse, and that still reaches us inevitably through this sacred tool. It is a TOTAL feeling.

    The possibilities of working with them, as the faces, the interpretations and the combinations of the images are infinite. But in my experience with the Sacred Woman Oracle, there has not been one instance in which the message did not get through loud and clear through the images and the words of the cards, as if they came from the inside of the person who consults them. This is so both in my case, as in all the encounters that I have witnessed. The feeling is that those images, despite not having seen them before, resonate in very specific and tangible places of our inner self; in places that had been hidden or unknown until then, but that are nevertheless, one’s own. This tool taps into the force of the symbolic efficiency of the trace, color, form and essence, to impact that part of the human being that we all carry within since forever, and that we are contemplating now in these powerful images, that help us structure our incipient worldview. They are here to accompany us into the change of our human paradigm.

    This symbolic efficiency was the one operating when, before the cards, a natural psychic was not able to add more information than that already revealed by the images and words of the cards themselves. He or she who has their intuition well developed, perceives all that is there, expressed directly and clearly; and the person who is looking to awaken their intuition, receives the clear and direct message as well, which helps them confirm and decipher that which is hidden inside their Inner Being. This opportunity with the psychic demonstrated me once more and with out a doubt, that what we have in our hands is an extremely powerful tool, in terms of the spiritual awakening of women and Humanity in general. In this case, through Art, Creativity, Intuition, and the recovery of the power of the Symbolic and the Archetypal latent in each one of us.

    On a personal level, the Oracle has become a confirmation of my Inner Being, a compass with which I can check hidden causes and undetected attitudes, in those moments when my capacity to listen to my self is disrupted by means of some circumstance. It is a constant act of trust and re-focusing of my take on things, keeping faithful to the healing path that leads to the inner most intimate relationship, which is with one’s own wound and with one’s own inner wisdom. Its presence and guidance in my life, as well as the warm and subtle spiritual imprint of Master Glusman which they bear, and her seldom but precise interpretations have allowed me to be aware of unconscious deep causes behind physical, spiritual and emotional ailings, which leads directly in the possibility of healing.

    The re-deciphering and re-signifying the hidden and symbolic messages of the elements of Nature in order to reclaim their powerful force inside each one of us, is a key aspect of her invaluable input. Thanks to the images of the Oracle, I was able to explore inside me the powers of the Sea, the Earth, the Moon, Fire, the Rose, the Spider, the Serpent, the Wolf, the Lioness, the Goose, Thunder, the Bat, the Bird, Dew, and also, the Harvest, the Cave, the Rainbow, the Sunset, the Dessert….

    The Oracle embodies Jung’s synchronicity and collective unconscious concepts, and the healing process of incorporating one’s shadow as a complementary and necessary part of the self, understanding the importance of, both the softness of the rose, as well as the wise hardness of the limits, represented by her thorns, and like that, will all energies. By incorporating a path which sheds light upon the wounds that lie latent and need to be recognized and honored in order to have the possibility to relate each one with a Portal, and in opening the possibility of healing, towards the pathway of the Rainbow, an alchemy takes place out of the integration of the opposites, through the integration of negative or neglected aspects of our Self. The Oracle gives the possibility to interpret each image according to the position it comes out, and consider its shadow aspect, the dark side of each energy, equilibrate it and integrate it.

    Several concepts that I have been researching throughout my life have helped me to understand how the oracular phenomenon works. For instance, the work of Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist that experimented on freezing samples of water from vases with tags with certain words attached to them. He observed that the structure of the crystals that formed depended on the positive or negative vibration of the words. Thus, the water from the vase that said “I love you” and the one that said “Thank you”, crystalized with beautiful snowflake symmetrical shapes, while the crystals of the samples from the ones that had “I hate you” and “I will kill you” written on them, were chaotic and random. This example of the written word affecting the molecular reality of the water, gave me the key to understand why each one of these cards, impregnated with words and archetypal images and colors contain the essence and the energy of that one card precisely and not any other. It is also a key to understanding why our particular vibration of that moment approaches and resonates with one card and not another, whether we are conscious of it or not.

    Another idea that helped me understand was our own vibratory emission into space. Our electromagnetic emission is measurable and has been amply studied by science. New science is now deepening into the continuous nature of space and matter with the new Unified Physics field. This would be the explanation for the card that appears by accident, the one that falls out of the pack. It is the card’s vibration the one that resonated with ours and made itself visible. It wasn’t necessary to choose.

    But what most gives me confirmation –aside from the scientific explanations which may please my rational left hemisphere-, are all the recurrent instances in which the relevance of the card and its vibration became evident, as a perfect definition of the subject under analysis. Once, for example, after a long talk with a friend about her desire to be a mother, the FROG WOMAN made her rampant appearance, representing Conception and inviting to “Receive in the womb the new life”. Or, after a profound conversation with my friend, Tania Rosario (the same one which introduced me to Myriam Wigutov and Clarissa Pinkola-Estés, and who already knew the cards of this Oracle before I did), about the limiting structures that impacted each of us in our respective sexual awakenings, the WOUNDED CHILD appears, and then five more times during the whole session, which consisted of 25 cards, until it crowned it at last! As they say in Argentina, you have “to believe or to explode!”.

    Finally, I would like to share that, from the very first encounter with the creator of the Oracle, it became very evident to me, from her elusive and profound gaze and from her confidant and coquette gestures, that I was before someone who does not brag about who she is, someone who behaves with utter and sincere humility, someone who is, also, in a journey of self-knowledge and self-discovery which is not yet over and will never end….

    But the truth is that the hard “ant work”, as she calls it –and I add the metaphor of the spider, who weaves webs and world and relationships, that re-creates itself constantly, who possesses the power of dissimulation, and a subtle and fine invisible web that is able to bear a whole world within it-, that work begins to be felt more and more, in the interest for one’s own growth, in the eagerness to inquire instead of eluding our depths, in the task of taking responsibility for discovering who are we and for what we came to exist, recuperating the wholeness of our Being.

    That is Moni Glusman’s “Sacred Attempt”, and that of the women and men who, grateful, follow her tracks, walk hand in hand with her Divine Inspiration, which is organizing and healing for all. Happily, we are increasingly more those who want to recuperate through Love, Honor and profound work, the other fifty percent of the Ying-Yang of the human spiritual wealth. And that’s what we’re up to….

    Carla Godreau es puertorriqueña, Danza-movimiento-terapeuta y Reiki Máster. Surca un camino de autoconocimiento por el arte desde muy temprana edad, gracias a una educación rica en artes y una familia muy solidaria. Completó una maestría en danza-teatro en Londres, pero fue en Argentina donde pudo finalmente florecer su vocación de docente, y su misión de guía en procesos de auto-sanación.