Rainbow Cards

Sovereignty / I unite heavenly and earthly energies within myself

Clarity on the path / I shine with my own light

Ancestral wisdom / I recover my connection with nature

Opening paths / I revitalize my projects and interests

Loving connection / I toast to life

Onenness / I commune with the Goddess


Once we have traveled through the Wounds-Portal, we are ready to connect with the last group of the deck: The Rainbow Cards.
They speak to us of a time of initiation and deep connection with the internal Goddess. Our journey up to this point has made us strong women, magicians and alchemists of our own destinies. We have recovered from pain, and this has encouraged and strengthened us.

The Rainbow Cards are the ones that bring us healing and an expansion of consciousness from which we understand our spiritual identity. As energy, these images bring medicine for our soul.

All the cards involve a rite of passage in which our old way of being dies, so that the new may be born. They indicate the end of a narrow-minded point of view, and the appearance of a more ample, integrating and radiant worldview.

Each time we experience a rite of passage we die a little so that we may be reborn as wiser women.

The Rainbow Cards represent those moments in which we feel that Life itself positively propels us to grow and express our most authentic selves.

When these cards appear in a reading, they indicate that a time of healing and expansion has arrived.
The feminine wound has been healed, and your identity as a Sacred Woman at one with the Goddess is opening, strengthening and expanding over the whole world.
You have become a Priestess, a Channel Woman, a Woman of Light, and a protector of peace.
Through your hands, the Divine Presence of the Mother Creator incarnates on Earth, in harmony with the cycles of nature, in harmony with the greater good, in deep commitment with your role as a Guardian of Life.