Water Cards

Transpersonal creative energy / I decipher the messages from my unconscious

Blessed union / I open my heart

Conception / I receive new life in my womb

Olulation / I am the mother of my creation

Menstruation / I listen to my uterus, wisdom is revealed

The scared feminine whell / I fully experience my rhythms


Water relates to your emotions, your feelings and sensitivity, with your capacity to empathize and perceive, with your uterus and your heart.
These cards help you connect with the different moments of your sacred feminine cycle, increasing your awareness of the powerful energies that move within you during ovulation and menstruation, both physical and spiritual. It does not matter if you are menstruating or have entered into menopause, as these energies relate to the cycles of the Moon, and her phases of waxing, fullness, waning and transformation. These cards also connect you with the dreamworld, and the messages that your unconscious brings you through your dreams.
They represent the Source of the Feminine Mysteries, the connection with the Sacred Wheel of Life.